Dress Code

The policy described below applies to everyone who enters the building, regardless of whom you know, table reservation, guest list and/or VIP status.

Our Dress Code & Entrance Policy is very unique…and evolving. It is used to create a FUN, SEXY, AND CHIC experience while, most importantly, providing a SAFE environment for all patrons, employees, and surrounding businesses. Understand that everyone is evaluated on their own merit, and therefore, we reserve the right to deny entrance to anyone for any reason.

At a minimum, we require the following as a basis for our dress code policy:


Men are always expected to appear presentable and well maintained. This includes scent.
No loose fitting, baggy, sagging, or oversized clothing, especially pants.
No clothing with phrases, gimmicks, slang, or any super-sized signs or logos

No extra long shorts that fall below mid calf.
No sport shoes or flip flops.
No Timberland or work boots of any kind
No ball caps or athletic wear is allowed.
Appropriate Jeans are acceptable.

Suggested attire: Button Down Shirts, Belts, Hard-Bottom Shoes.



Women are always expected to appear classy, presentable, & in good taste.
No articles of clothing that reveal any undergarments such as your bra.
Appropriate Jeans are acceptable.

Suggested attire: Heels, Dresses, Skirts.

At our discretion, we may make exceptions to our dress code & entrance policy, and you WILL see people inside of the venue who are out of dress code. It will do you no good to become upset and/or point them out to management or security. As your safety is our #1 priority, please be assured that they are in no danger of interrupting your experience, so we will not feel obligated to explain our decision to allow entrance. We ask that you respect our decisions in this regard.

In summary, allow us to do our very best to keep you and your guests safe and sound while partying with us.